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About digital assets
With the wave of the Internet in 21st century, science and technology have revolutionized our lives. Ever since Satoshi Cong introduced the concept of bitcoin in year 2009, digital assets based on blockchain technology rapidly developing since then. As of 2017, the total market value of digital assets has exceeded US$200 billion and is increasing at a rate of over 20% per year. In the field of value empowerment and transfer, blockchain technology has begun to show great advantages because of its open, transparent, traceable, and irreproachable features. Ultimately, it will help us complete the value migration of asset digitization and achieve real control over our wealth
About bibi2u
bibi2u is researched and developed by EZCOIN and has C2C products EZCOIN2U. We have a top tier R&D team with a group of senior technical experts: former Microsoft Technology Center chief architect, former Microsoft Greater China Technical Services Senior Manager, leading a team of global blockchain technologists, including Taiwan and Malaysian software development centers.
About GUC
Global Universal Chain (GUC for short) Its core team includes the former Chief Technology Architect from Microsoft and the leaders of IT professionals from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. GUC launched Universal Chain Ecosystem supporting multivariate cross-chain technology with four major characteristics: technical design, multi-chain structure, inter-chain protocol, and central architecture. Its main chain-quasar chain Marvel Chain improves traditional Byzantine consensus, adopting a random authorization Byzantine consensus, and introducing a consensus-based algorithm for the CCR (Cross Channel Road) of chain-chain communication, eventually allowing the value flow between the blockchain islands to flow smoothly and became a blockchain and blockchains consensus agreement for interoperability and information exchange to maximize the value of blockchain networks. In addition, bibi2u has also cooperated with GUC as a strategic partner. We believe that strong alliances will surely be able to dominate the many digital asset trading platforms and reach the peak.
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